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April 23rd, 2007

Peter and the Wolf – Unreleased songs


Peter and the Wolf have recorded a brief set with the always intriguing Daytrotter at Studio one. Included in their new recording are two unreleased songs named “Where Summer Goes” and “The Fall.” To listen to the songs and get a preview of the bands upcoming Sunchasers album head over to Daytrotter. Sean Moller describes the recording process:

“When we recorded this session on March 13 th, just after lunchtime – though I don’t think anything was eaten, just Tecate drinkin’, he just walked over with his guitar and the funny lookin’, goatskin instrument with a bow and some strings. It wasn’t raining yet, but when he got to the studio, the droplets began pelting the roof and they didn’t stop for hours. Sometimes they fell harder, as if being thrown, and that’s when we had to pause the tape rolling. The rain had become louder than Hunter and with the special things he was doing, that would not stand. Hunter played that day in a gray T-shirt that had copious amounts of battery-acid-created holes all over it and in the cowboy boots that he was seen in on every occasion over the week…With the way these songs turned out though, there are no complaints.”

Thanks to GvB for bringing this to my attention.


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