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June 19th, 2007

New Vetiver E.P.


(photo by the always wonderful Alissa Anderson)

Vetiver have gone back to the studio to record some new material for their as yet untitled upcoming album. From the update, which appears below, it looks like Vetiver started things off by playing some covers and possibly some new songs. Until more news and material surfaces from the recording of the new album, you can get ready for the late fall release of a new E.P. The new E.P. is set to include alternative mixes from last years To Find Me Gone and possibly (hopefully) some new material.

From Vetiverse:

” If you were to spend many days staring out the windows at the wonderful studio called
the Hangar in Sacramento, as we have and as our great producer and engineer Thom
Monahan does, many weeks out of the year, this would be your view. Alissa snapped this perfectly simple shot of the train tracks and a blue building nearby.

Vetiver holed up at the Hangar for a couple of weeks in March to record some songs by other songwriters that we love. We covered a lot of ground, but still have a ways to go to complete an album. There has been talk of releasing an e.p. of some of the tunes later this fall, along with a couple of remixes of songs from our last album, which Thom and I and Otto have been working on, off and on for a while now. Thom and I finished mixing about 5 tracks and these remixes recently, so we’re working to put together this aforementioned e.p. now.

We’re also headed down to Buenos Aires to play a festival curated by Juana Molina, Nuevos Aires Folk 07 on June 12. We’ll be recording a little with Juana and just enjoying the wonderful hospitality and friendly atmosphere of our kind friends in Buenos Aires. We’re all very much looking forward to the journey.

Also, for our friends and fans in the Bay Area, we have a couple of shows coming up in California at the start of July, including a show in San Francisco at the Independent, with our friends the Papercuts and the Dry Spells, on July 3. Don’t miss it, as we’ve no certain plans to play again in the area any time soon.”

Also, don’t miss this great interview with Andy Cabic about Vetiver


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