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July 9th, 2007

Angels of Light – We Are Him


I’ve been waiting for some time to post about the upcoming Angels of Light album We Are Him. The lead off single, “Black River Song” has been streaming on young gods website for a few weeks and has yet to lose its intensity after repeated listens. It’s now available for download on young god records website along with a streaming version of the title track. The song “We Are Him” is pure lysergic rancor; it begins with Akron/Family‘s meditative harmonization before their voices are forcibly lacerated by Gira’s scowling vocals and steady guitar. Michael Gira sounds half his age and sings with twice as much passion as many other younger songwriters out there right now. I can’t wait for this release.

[download] Angels of Light – Black River Song

[stream] Angels of Light – We Are Him

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  1. […] Akron/Family have kept quite busy since the release of their last mini-album Meek Warrior last summer. Shortly after Meek’s release they were already tired of its material and laid down a demo of sorts which you can read more about here. Those sessions have evolved into the full release of Love is Simple, the bands second full-length LP for Young God, will be out in early September. Love is Simple’s first single Phenomena carries on their soft intro cascading into crashing guitars and drums with swirling harmonies most recently featured on Michael Gira’s new album We Are Him. […]

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