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January 3rd, 2008

Naturalismo takes on 2 new writers/Lives!

In what I really hoped could have happened sooner- Naturalismo is happy to announce that it has added on two new writers! That makes 3 of us now writing for Naturalismo so expect a more diverse and consistent updating schedule to be seen on Naturalismo now. I had always wanted to have several writers on Naturalismo, so I’m pleased to announce them now: Please welcome Tyler and Christian. I will leave it up to them to introduce themselves if they wish. They have been hard at work already on updates so expect to see posts from them in the upcoming days. Christian has already submitted a great post below this. So go check it out! I really cannot thank them enough for agreeing to sign on and help out here around Naturalismo. I’ve been trying to orchestrate a return for a few weeks and realized that in order for that to happen I would need to include some new writers. With their help I see Naturalismo getting back to its former healthy state. I already feel much more able to write articles without worrying about writing more than I can hold down, thanks to their addition. Thanks again for all of the support during Naturalismo’s down time and if you are interested in helping out with anything or becoming a writer, don’t be afraid to send me an e-mail. We’re always looking for new ideas and submissions to Naturalismo.



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