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March 5th, 2008

Richard Swift as Onasis


Richard Swift returns as Onasis with a new double disc album release this coming April. In what is sure to divide fans of his previous and slightly more polished album, Dressed up for the let down, Onasis often sounds more like he’s attempting to blow out his amps with a blend of blues and avant garde rock. Swift himself recently said in an interview that, “It should sound like if Prince sat in on the Plastic Ono band sessions.” The double album found its way to the internet early last week and after a few listens I am having a difficult time attempting to describe it. Some of the album could be compared to the blown out early bootlegs of the Velvet Underground, while at other times sounds more like your 16 year old neighbor learning Link Wray at full volume two garages over. Other parts of the album lean more towards the early minimal sound experimentation of John Cale. On from there you have what I can only describe as dub swamp boogie blues on the songs “Du(MB)I” and “Opt I”. The beautiful landscapes of “Opt II” and Field Painting” well up sounding like a more dissonant wandering organ similar to that played on In The Aeroplane over the Sea. Whatever your music forte, Richard Swift as Onasis is unlikely to disappoint. I only wish more artists would be as willing to tackle so much in one space.

Richard Swift – Knee-High Boogie Blues

Richard Swift – Vadervelde Blues

Richard Swift – Du(M)B I

Listen to more songs off Richard Swift as Onasis at his myspace


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