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April 21st, 2008

Meg Ashling

Dust clings to your cheek. It’s painted on, dried up, cracked, bound up in damp streams of new tears. The faint chug-chug of the train fades over the distant horizon, heatwaves squiggling over your last glimpse of the locomotive. Goodbye. You’re alone for the first time in years, and you know damn well it’s going to be a long time before you feel that touch again, that type of love. But fuck it – tomorrow’s another day. There’s always another town and another song.

Meg Ashling, a Minneapolis native, captures a raw, distinctly American sound. It’s the sound of truckstops, of half-working air conditioners blowing through half-decent motels, of broken-hearted drifters searching for something that maybe even they don’t know about. Ashling sings, “I wish I could live a life that’s simple, just like the days of yore.” She may not be able to live that life, but her music certainly captures it.

[download] “Lovely Like Wine

[meg ashling myspace]


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