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April 23rd, 2008

bonnie 'prince' billy: new album, demo

I’ve just received word that Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy aka Will Oldham is going to be releasing Lie Down in the Light this May. It’s his first set of originals since 2006’s The Letting Go. I’m really curious to see what direction he takes with this new album – if there’s one thing we can be sure of, it’s that it will be frank, honest, and above all sincere.

This is old news, but if anyone out there wants to put the proverbial wooden spoon in their mouth to prevent themselves from collapsing with a B’P’B induced anticipatory panic attack, get your hands on his film Old Joy. It’s a stark character study that delves deeply into the nature of friendship, aging, and sexuality – in a way, I’d view Old Joy as a companion piece to Oldham’s sublime Master & Everyone.

Also, I’ve added a new demo version of the song “So Everyone” which will (in a more polished form, I suppose) be on the upcoming album

[download] “So Everyone” (demo)

[photo © Steve Gullick]


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