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May 15th, 2008

The Plain Truth about Karen Dalton

The PopMatters website conducted a fantastic, highly in-depth interview with Joe Loop who was a close friend with Karen Dalton and recently released a collection of live/rare recordings called “Cotton-Eyed Joe.” If you were ever curious about anything related to Karen Dalton, Loop puts these mysteries to rest. From the site:

“Dalton’s old friend Joe Loop has released live tapes of Karen playing at his Boulder, Colorado, folk club, the Attic. Under the title Cotton Eyed Joe, these live recordings rank among her best work. It was a time when seemingly every young musician was picking up an acoustic guitar and exploring the roots of American music, and the Attic was one of their favored stops on the route from East to West. Some of them—David Crosby, Tim Hardin, John Phillips (of the Mamas and the Papas)—would find great fame, while countless others would sink further into obscurity than Karen Dalton ever did. Loop gives PopMatters a contemporary perspective on that much-mythologized era and movement, as well as a friend’s view of an artist so reclusive that many of the fundamental details of her life are unknown or have been misreported. Loop also gives his opinion on how so singular a talent could be ignored for so long by critics, the public, and everyone but the loyal core of family, friends, and fellow musicians who did their best to give her support until her death in 1993.”

[download] “Fannins Street” from Cotton-Eyed Joe

[Click here for the PopMatters interview]


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