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October 29th, 2008


I’m a total sucker for fuzzed out loud doo-wop/60’s pop drenched madness and Wavves new album delivers in full. Based out of San Diego, Nathan Williams-who goes by the name Wavves-exemplifies every pastiche of where I feel anyone in their mid 20’s has been through musically. Whether it be hearing your dad play that early Beach Boys tape one too many times on the way to the beach or wearing out your older brothers copy of Nevermind in 5th grade before discovering the Pixies, Wavves isn’t afraid to shy away from throwing it all into his distorted blender of sound. The more I listen to it the more it’s been growing on me…maybe it’s my San Diego childhood upbringing coming out.

Tape is out now on Woodsist/Fuck It Tapes with LP to follow next year on De Stijl, I’m sure he’ll blow up sometime around then…

Wavves – Wavves (fixed link)

Wavves – Side Yr On


  1. […] Vivian Girls‘ 22-minute self titled debut is hot cake right now (or was a month or so ago you know I can’t keep up with the kids) and not because Pitchfork told us so. Ok, I gotta admit that I first read about them via pitchfork, yet unlike most of the stuff I read and never check I jumped on Vivian Girls because I love this microgenre. This noisy New York all-girl trio mixes 60s bubblegum pop with the punk aesthetic, writing short & catchy three chord tunes. I loved 90s power pop from Dirt Bike Annie, The Kung Fu Monkeys et al, but with 100% more fuzz this is even better. If you like the No Age aesthetic and are even remotely interested in bubblegum music, power pop, summer camps & boy scouts or surfing (none of which I have a real life connection) you’ll be playing this over and over. Similar artist : Wavves. […]

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  2. Fantastic! If you like Wavves I urge you to check out some early Flying Nun (New Zealand) bands – i.e. The Clean, The 3-D’s, Ghost Club, King Loser, Snapper, et al…

    Comment by Andrew — March 29, 2009 @ 11:42 pm

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