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January 23rd, 2009

No One Conquered, Wyoming: Vega

No One Conquered, Wyoming tiptoes through the hall holding a candle, slinking through a fog of naiveté and young-adult melancholy with homespun idiosyncrasy. Swathed in a moonlit wash of found-sounds and chamber delay, the music here trickles, roams, then wanes, craving space to breathe between a bramble of electronic noise-play and acoustified arpeggios. It’s sleepy but troubled. As we know, there is a time when the day needs to end, all clean and crystalline, and then there is a time when we want to be awake to take the world in, artifice embraced. Between organic and plastic, there is enough room for every sound to share, and on Vega, no note consumes the whole.

[ stream ] Fox in the Sand

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[ download ] Vega (entire album)

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  1. Yes, Vega stimulates a longing for a green beginning, then meets that by a pond in the morning sunlight.

    Comment by Danielle — January 27, 2009 @ 6:14 am

    No One Conquered, Wyoming: Vega | Know Phase

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