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April 1st, 2009

Elliott Smith's XO (33 1/3 series)

Originally listed on with a release date in mid march, recently sent me an email about shipping the new 33 1/3 book about elliott’s record, ‘xo,’ saying its planning to ship in early/mid april! continuum is publishing the book and it is written by matthew lemay who has been a staff writer for pitchfork media for many years. here is a description of the book:

“many albums could be cited to support the claim that great suffering yields great art. elliott smith’s xo should not be one of them. smith’s 1998 major label debut defies the “tortured singer-songwriter” stereotype, and takes up this defiance as a central theme. at a time when smith was being groomed for a particular (and particularly condescending) brand of stardom, he produced a record that eviscerated one of the central assumptions of singersongwriterdom: that pain is beautiful. xo insists that romanticizing personal tragedy can only leave you “deaf and dumb and done.” and it backs up this claim with some of the most artful and intelligent music of its day. matthew lemay writes an original take on a widely beloved album, steering clear of the sensationalist suicide angles that have dogged most analysis of elliott smith’s extraordinary work.”

If you would like to pick up the book, please check your local book store or you can order through by going here: elliott smith’s xo (33 1/3 series)



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