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April 15th, 2010

Golden Earrings

Nothing new or old has really been catching my ear lately or blowin’ my mind. Even that new Ariel Pink album is pretty much just a rehash of a lot of his older songs sprinkled with some great covers. It’s good, but just not exactly as groundbreaking as I’d hoped it would be. Anyways, getting impatient trying to track down that next gem. In the meantime enjoy these surreally catchy Dutch pop videos from the early 70’s. Kinda capture something unique:

This video totally kills me, so catchy and completely ridiculous. Great to see them playing this song live too, no lip syncing.

Director really makes the camera work for him in this video. Similarly undeniably catchy Byrdsyan inspired tune.

Can’t tell if I even really like this video/song or if I’m just half mesmerized/horrified by the contorting women vignette.

This song has been growing on me for awhile.


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