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June 10th, 2010

Together Wherever Forever

Download: Together Wherever Forever

I told Devin3000 I wasn’t putting the track list up because I think that my mix is better in person than on paper…I guess I think of it similarly to the question of vinyl vs. mp3…some may not listen to the mix all the way through in order, even though a large part of its construction is based on the transitions between the last few seconds of a song to the first few of the next- the particular silence created in between two songs, or the progression of a chain of chronological events. That somewhat cinematic aspect of mixes (or albums in general) can get lost in the format of blog/mediafire/iTunes, where we’re processing so many different things at once that we might just jump from mp3 to mp3 absentmindedly, not really paying attention to the music with the same appreciation/intent that the selector has. Though I suppose that might be too much to ask of someone these days, with everything so available and fast-paced…so here’s the track list anyway:

“Big Black Car” – Big Star
“Vessel” – Grouper
“Ceremony” – Galaxie 500
“Dirty Loverstuff” – Fanuelle
“Mild Confusion” – Tamaryn
“Be Right Too” – White Fence
“I Fought The Law” – Bobby Fuller Four
“Duelist” – True Widow
“Love Song For 15 Ontario (W/ Singing Police Car)” – Set Fire To Flames
“In Living Colour” – Lands & Peoples
“My Friend” – Bill Callahan
“Blue Moon” – Kendal Johansson
“Tatli Dilim” – Selda Bagcan
“Atlantis” – Kate Bush


  1. God that Bill Callahan track just kills me. Great mix Jessica.

    Comment by Mark — June 10, 2010 @ 6:19 pm
  2. Is anyone else having a hard time unzipping this? I’ve tried a few different programs and am getting stuck on track 11 everytime.

    Comment by Growing — June 13, 2010 @ 5:49 pm

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