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August 25th, 2010


====/==== Time Warp back about a month ago…====/====

San Francisco at its best is, a pretty cool city all around. San Francisco at its worst is something beyond your wildest nightmares. The mission district is normally a refuge from most things SF-weird but on weekends all bets are increasingly off as a small, mundane bourgeoisie war of attrition and stroller-bound families picks up speed. That’s almost getting ahead of myself, lest not forget the desperate attempts of the aging tech-centric city folk trying to eek out some semblance of identity using a drugs first, ideas after approach. For the inexperienced, you might find yourself in the middle of some burning man tinged rave out, left stuttering as you flee what appears to be spillover from the set of waterworld. Just one of the many San Francisco delights. It’s not all bad here, in fact San Francisco is probably the perfect city in some ways- usually revealing itself the moment you flee it for one of its majestic natural escapes to the north or south. Wait.

I’m still collecting my thoughts after a whirlwind of a show played emphatically by Pure Ecstasy, SLEEP OVER and Rangers despite San Francisco doing its best to destroy them. Their ability to shrug off towed cars, rogue bookers, and impending free-jazz-hard acid funk dj’s and go on to play some of the best live sets I’ve seen in the city was nothing short of amazing. They quickly conjured melodies that transcended some pretty stifling vibes to be honest and it was beyond refreshing to be in the company of many others who were wanting a piece of that same sweet headspace. Yes San Francisco, they overcame and tricked you into having a good weekend night event. Take that.

Strike 3 San Francisco.


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