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January 25th, 2011

Mixed Take Mixtapes: Holy Shit, Broadcast, Greatest Hits, Flo & Eddie

If it was up to me Know Phase would simply be FM broadcast and lazily caught on the dial throughout the day. Whether it be a weekly jam that was catching on or some old favorite being played into the ground, there was something about the format of radio that idyllically/idly made sense. What I’m getting at is really the mixtape format will always be my preferred way to find new music. I’d much rather hear a well curated mix than sift through blogo talk post after post trying to describe something that is more succinctly left intangible. These mixtapes have all been on constant rotation since first hearing them and are pretty expertly put together. I’ve uploaded them all to soundclouds, because like any good mixtape it’s nice to be able to skip around. No need to mention that every one of these mixes has been curated entirely by artists who have done their digging to beyond a melodic degree and are well on the way to the same level of achievement in their own projects.


Spf-noir by Holy Shit

First up is a mix put together by Matt Fishbeck of Holy Shit. A band which you may or may not know but by the end of this year with certainty will know. His last album Stranded at Two Harbors is criminally underrated and will soon be re-released. At the moment he’s most well known for being part of the trio that formed an earlier incarnation of Holy Shit that had Christopher Owens from Girls and Ariel Pink. As far as digging up lost gems goes, he’s second to none. Via Vice, and accompanied by a charming interview with Mr. Fishbeck.  Actually, here’s another interview he did last week that is great too.

The next two mixes have no tracklist which makes them even more on broadcast par.  Trish’s Mind Bending Motorway Mix is a posthumous mix put together by Trish Keenan of Broadcast who sadly passed away recently of pneumonia. I’ve heard varying opinions on its appropriateness and timing of release but really to hear the sounds that made her happy seems like the perfect way to commemorate her prior work and sonorous sounds she was crafting until the end.

Trish Keenan

Mind Bending Motorway Mix

Greatest Hits mixtape is honestly the best crafted mixtape I’ve heard in quite sometime, but that just might be me being selfish. But really-who else would put together a Nilsson song with some Philamore Lincoln?? (KnowPhase plug, while they’ve dug up some great obscure b-sides, get ready for some otherworldly great d-side mixes here) At a certain point in time I’d dare say that this mix (entirely conceived and mixed on an acid trip) would be pushing some boundaries or even innovative but once you listen to a mid 70’s broadcast from Flo and Eddie you realize those dudes were on another melodic planet that only a few have managed to land on even to this day. Which brings us to the last and totally mindblowinly good mix.
Greatest Hits – LSD Karaoke

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Flo & Eddie By The Fireside, August 4, 1974

It seems that every broadcast Flo & Eddie did was a transcendent mixtape with a plethora of the best songs you’ve never heard. Even the songs you have heard are sweetly reduced to just their most addicting fragmented moment; a catchy chorus here, intriguing bridge there, just holding on long enough to satiate but not drag.  Really, all mixtapes should aspire to reach the levels of what they’ve put together here. Oh yeah, and Harry Nilsson co-hosts this alongside them. Via Radiolidarity.  Music as education from the masters to the musically broken (those who understand):

“Once you’ve heard 30 seconds of your favorite song, you’ve kind of really heard it.

This concludes your daily broadcast


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