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February 28th, 2009

Sights of Sounds vol. 3

Febru​ary 25 Thru March​ 4, 2009

Park Life and Noise​ Pop are proud​ to prese​nt the third​ annua​l group​ show featu​ring origi​nal fine art creat​ed by membe​rs of the music​ commu​nity.​ This year’​s show featu​res an eclec​tic line up of music​ians that make art. Confi​rmed thus far: Aliss​a Ander​son (Vetiver),​ Josep​h Arthu​r,​ Bianc​a Casad​y (​CocoR​osie)​,​ Harri​son Hayne​s (Les Savy Fav)​,​ Jesse​ Micha​els (​Opera​tion Ivy)​,​ Nate Manny (​Murde​r City Devil​s)​,​ Mark Mothe​rsbau​gh (​Devo)​ , Sara Sange​r .

Park Life Store​/​Galle​ry
220 Cleme​nt Stree​t
San Franc​isco,​ CA 94118
www. parkl​ifest​ore.​ com


August 29th, 2008

Video Naturalismo: First Aid Kit, Alessi

Simply beautiful cover of Fleet Foxes “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song” by First Aid Kit, a new duo from Sweden-whose collective ages average to 16. This is a great glimpse at their album to come.

Download the track at GvB.

Another young and immensely talented artist from London. I’ve been meaning to write about Alessi for quite awhile now as I think her music is some of the first I’ve heard in awhile that illicits a similar feeling to that of early Cocorosie and Joanna Newsom.


March 13th, 2008

CocoRosie, Rio En Medio, Mariee Sioux to play Cure Tribute

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