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April 11th, 2008

3 New Circulatory System songs

Praise the psychedelic lord- the Circulatory System have finally arrived with 3 new songs after a 7 year recording sabbatical. It was way back in Naturalismo’s younger days (read: one year ago) that we first got a taste of their early new material on a rough bootleg. After what has had to be several entire album re-writes and hundreds of tracks, it looks like we’re getting closer to an actual release date of the final album. The albums progress was last mentioned a few months ago by John Fernandes (bassist) when he said they were near finished but knowing Will Cullen Hart “a car could drive by and he’d decide to start over or take the entire album in a new direction.” Regardless, it looks like there’s been less traffic around the studio and they’ve finalized the recording. What’s interesting to note is that the new album sees the entire reuniting of all the members of The Olivia Tremor Control. I’m sure Jeff Mangum will have a few fingerprints on the album as well. I’ve yet to tire of the foggy psych pop of their first album over the years. Despite having all of the members of Olivia back together, it’s clear that this is very much still Will Cullen Hart’s project… have a listen to 3 of the new album tracks below, details to follow:

Circulatory System – Same Place [mp3]

Circulatory System – Tiny Concerts [mp3]

Circulatory System – Path of the Parallels [mp3]

Stream more songs at Circulatory System @ Myspace

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